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Twenty miles west of Blanding, Utah, is the roadside
Twenty miles west of Blanding, Utah, is the roadside Mule Canyon Ruin. However, the trail up the canyon
offers photographers/hikers relatively easy access to several, lesser known Anasazi ruins sites. The images presented here are of the first site encountered on the trail, The House On Fire Ruin.

Located above the canyon floor underneath overhanging
cliffs, and obscured by rocks and trees, the ruin is easy
to miss without keeping a sharp eye out.

While this small site doesn't have the grandeur of much larger cliff dwellings, it's appeal is just as mysterious and compelling. And it offers a much more intimate photo-
graphing experience, free of limitations due to crowds and regulation.

The photographs are limited editions, matted, framed,
and come with print care instructions and a

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My sincere thanks to Ronald Roybal for allowing me the honor of using his song "In the Stone Circle" from his brilliant CD "Skyfather's Dream". Ronald is a Native American flutist and classical guitarist in Santa Fe, New Mexico. With his music these photographs convey a true spirit of this beautiful place. For more information about Ronald visit his website:
The site is very interactive with lots of media and ordering CDs & DVDs is easy. 
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