Utah: Winter 2014 Collection

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  Utah: Winter
2014 Collection
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Twenty miles west of Blanding, Utah, is the roadside
The state of Utah should be on every photographer's bu-
cket list. Every time I visit I have always been rewarded with excellent photo opportunities and photographs. And
this past winter was no exception. The trip was for my
mother-in-law Jackie's birthday, but as always there was time for exercising my passion.
Thanks to my brother-in-law Paul I had the chance to pho-
tograph the Great Salt Lake along the shoreline. And look-
ing out over the lake, 4.5 miles away, was Antelope Island, which features a landscape right out of the Mesozoic era. Due to the approaching snowstorm we only had about an hour to shoot but I came away with some images I was happy with. The next day he took me to the abandoned Tintic Reduction Mine near Genola, a small town just a few miles south of Provo. The winter weather made both places even more mysterious and intriguing. The mine gave the impression of the only thing left standing after a nuclear war. Maybe next time we'll get to go to the island and also go inside the mine.
Later in the week my brother-in-law Andy took us to the
Ice Castle in Midway, which is up through Provo Canyon
on the way to Park City. This ephemeral but stunningly
beautiful work of ice was a wonder to behold. The blue of
the ice mixed with colors from strategically placed lighting
made for an exciting and rewarding shooting experience.
And thanks to my father-in-law Wayne for taking me to
Utah Lake again for sunset photographs. He was hoping the sky would be ablaze with fiery colors, but much to his dismay the colors were muted. But I wasn't disappointed in the least. I am very pleased with the images I took. As photographers we have to take advantage of what nature gives us. And in photography, sometimes less is more.
lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515051.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515050.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515049.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515048.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515047.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515046.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515045.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515044.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515043.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515042.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515041.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515040.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515039.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515038.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515037.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515036.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515035.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515034.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515033.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515032.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515031.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515030.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515029.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515028.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515027.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515026.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515025.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515024.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515023.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515022.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515021.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515020.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515019.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515018.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515017.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515016.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515015.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515014.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515013.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515012.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515011.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515010.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515009.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515008.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515007.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515006.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515005.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515004.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515003.jpg lux_aeterna_fine_art_photography515002.jpg
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